Please indicate which show you are submitting to in the title of your piece.


Submit here for SSWA's monthly VAMP (Visual / Audio Monologue Performance) Showcase only. Please include a brief bio and your e-mail in the comments section when submitting. VAMPs are usually, unless otherwise noted, held on the last Thursday of the month.

Our list of all VAMP shows, themes, and submission deadlines can be found here.

Work should fall between 5-10 minutes in length. Between 140-160 words per minute is an average guide. Style, voice, and literary form can vary widely, but we're looking for true, non-fiction stories that involve a transformation (of you, a character, a place, etc.) and offer an insight that we can relate to.

Please be aware that there is a rehearsal and critique process for all accepted VAMP submissions. Rehearsals & crits are MANDATORY. If your piece is accepted and you can't make the first scheduled rehearsal, please let us know right away. All reasonable accommodations will me made. We want you to give the best performance possible when we put you on stage.

All scripts are read and voted on by a blind peer review panel comprised of individuals who have performed at previous VAMP Showcases, to ensure bias or nepotism does not affect the selection process. Therefore, please DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR SCRIPT.

Thanks, good luck, and please don't be disheartened if you aren't selected. I founded this organization and I've been rejected multiple times myself. A rejection is not a statement on the quality of your writing, there are dozens of factors at play when putting a show together, and we want it to always be a reflection of our community and the people who comprise it.


- Justin Hudnall

Please submit here for the Southwestern College Fall 2016 VAMP Showcase, featuring stories on the very-open-to-interpretation theme of, "Where I'm From." 

We all come from somewhere. Many of us claim multiple places we call home-- geographic, psychological, and subjective. Our individual relationship with home can be joyful, fraught, or conflicted. Where we come from shapes our identity, providing the setting that forms who we are. What story do you have about home? How has where you are from shaped your identity? The theme is loose. The stories are solid.

Send us your work!

Stories should fall somewhere between 5-10 minutes in length. Between 140-160 words per minute is an average guide. We will consider longer works, but must really merited the extra time. Shorter or flash submissions are just fine by us also.

We accept both poetry and prose, but are looking for honest, true stories. No fiction this time around, please. Selected participants will be required to attend a group read & critique, private meetings with a literary coach, and one performance coach session. All attempts to accommodate schedules will be made, but we don't make exceptions to participation. All submissions are accepted as first drafts.

Accepted participants must be available to perform during the evening of Wednesday, November 16th. Submission deadline is Friday, September 30th at 11:59 PM.


Write on!
- So Say We All and Southwestern College
So Say We All, in collaboration with KPBS, announces a very special VAMP Storytelling Showcase open to veteran writers is accepting submissions for an upcoming performance at the Rancho Santa Fe School on Wednesday, May 11th from 6pm-8:30pm.
Deadline extended until Sunday, April 17th at midnight.

We are seeking non-fiction stories (early drafts welcome) from veteran writers related to the general experience of returning home from deployment and transitioning from the military to civilian life, and are especially looking for stories driven by and about conflicts you experienced with civilians upon leaving the military, whether related to their stereotyping of veterans, asking wildly inappropriate questions, or otherwise causing offense or feelings of being ostracized. When you left the military, was there a period of time when you desperately wanted to go back? Did you feel like the civilian world baffled you upon leaving the military or returning from deployment, or that you had no place in it? Did people ask if you killed anyone? Did you have experiences related to post-traumatic stress that you feel other veterans or civilians could benefit from hearing? Did your friends and family not know how to connect with you? We want to hear about all of this and more, so feel free to submit narratives outside the box.

Send us a story around 5-12 pages in length, double-spaced, 12pt. font, with the title of the story on the front page. All stories accepted will receive rewrite assistance from our literary coaches, and performers receive performance coaching prior to the showcase.

Submit at:
Visit for more information.
Videos from past veteran writer showcases are available here to watch: