Please indicate which show you are submitting to in the title of your piece.


Submit here for SSWA's monthly VAMP (Visual / Audio Monologue Performance) Showcase only. Please include a brief bio and your e-mail in the comments section when submitting. VAMPs are usually, unless otherwise noted, held on the last Thursday of the month.

Our list of all upcoming VAMP shows, themes, and submission deadlines can be found here.

Work should fall between 5-10 minutes in length. Between 140-160 words per minute is an average guide. Style, voice, and literary form can vary widely, but we're looking for true, non-fiction stories that involve a transformation (of you, a character, a place, etc.) and offer an insight that we can relate to.

Please be aware that there is a rehearsal and critique process for all accepted VAMP submissions. Rehearsals & crits are MANDATORY. If your piece is accepted and you can't make the first scheduled rehearsal, please let us know right away. All reasonable accommodations will be made. We want you to give the best performance possible when we put you on stage.

All scripts are read and voted on by a blind peer review panel comprised of individuals who have performed at previous VAMP Showcases, to ensure bias or nepotism does not affect the selection process. Therefore, please  DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE IN YOUR SCRIPT OR FILE NAME.

Please read this, before you submit:

To summarize the SSWA code of conduct: Treat everyone with respect, don't be chemically impaired in our presence, meet required cuts/edits, don't be gross, be committed to the process. Understand that you can be removed for violating the code at any time. Read it for more details!

Thanks, good luck, and please don't be disheartened if you aren't selected. A rejection is not a statement on the quality of your writing, there are dozens of factors at play when putting a show together, and we want it to always be a reflection of our community and the people who comprise it.


So Say We All

So Say We All's new streaming show is looking for awesome, weird, original video segments, pre-existing video art pieces, recorded performances, sketches, and whatever you can think of and produce independently! 

Accepted works will appear in our Public Access Showcase, a recurring streaming video series that highlights all the amazing art happening out there for the purpose of exposing artists to new audiences.

Try and keep it shorter than longer, but we'll accept anything up to about 15-minutes, longer if it truly earns each minute; super short and short bits are the regular segments we make episodes out of.

We are also gratefully accepting 100% instrumental original music we can use to score our videos with, anything goes.

We've always liked to say that your life is stranger than fiction, so here are some real public access show segments just to show you what is within the realm of possibility (these aren't ours, but we'll be adding our own examples shortly.)


Send us your short videos, your pitches for video segments you can produce independently, videos from your puppet shows, sketches, tell us a story on-camera that's riveting, or anything that pops into your gourd. Upload a video, or a pitch in a word doc, and include all your contact info please so we can get in touch with you. We can't wait to see it!

- So Say We All

So Say We All's International Veteran Writers Division and its public face, Incoming, invite you into our conflict community.

Veterans, active duty service members, military family members, foreign national interpreters, United Nations staff / aide workers and contractors, NGO staff who have served overseas, and border-conflict workers AND JOURNALISTS: we are committed to helping you tell your true stories, telling them better, and making sure your stories are heard and read by as many people as possible. All services are provided on-line.

It all starts with you sending us a first draft of the piece you want to develop here--it doesn't matter how rough a draft it is, whether it's just bullet points outlining what you'd want to develop, or a completed first draft of your story.

We work with non-fiction narratives and poetry only. Stories typically run in the ballpark of 1,500 words, but we're open to work of varying lengths (except full-length manuscripts.) 

You will receive one-on-one editing and coaching from a fellow writer, and work in a group cohort of other men and women participating in the program to give and receive feedback on your story. Selected participants will go on to receive performance coaching and perform their work at live showcases. All participants will be considered to appear on the Incoming public radio program, broadcast on KPBS and PRX.

Call for submissions for Southeast Stories:

Do you have roots in Southeast San Diego?

Do you know the trails of Chollas Lake?

Do you have vivid memories of waiting in line for rolled tacos at the Barrell or bbq from Huffman’s?

If so, we want to hear from you!

So Say We All has been endeavoring to record the stories that define San Diego’s most significant neighborhoods, and now our project travels to Southeast San Diego in search of the voices that reside, work, play, and have roots there.

We welcome stories that document, share, and reflect the neighborhood through the following mediums: photo, artwork, spoken word, oral storytelling and interviews (which will be digitally recorded), poetry, essays, and nonfiction prose.  When submitting a written piece, please do your best to honor our maximum 5,000-word count.

We want stories that take place in or strive to reflect an aspect of Southeast San Diego however you choose to interpret that. Any subject matter or approach is welcome, as long as it features the neighborhood, and as long as it is yours.

You needn’t justify your roots or story with credentials or talent; the richness of your full experience is more than enough. In fact, it is EVERYTHING and just what we are looking for.  

If you’re wondering about the geographic boundaries, here’s a handy map detailing the neighborhoods and communities that define Southeastern SD. We are the first to acknowledge that rigid borders does not a community/experience make. If you feel as though your story works within a different notion of what Southeast is or challenges the borders on the map, you and your story are still welcome, always, all ways.

All accepted written and submissions (poetry, essays, non-fiction) will:

  1. Receive edits and one-on-one coaching from our professional teaching artists

  2. Have their work published through the project in a volume that will be distributed through community partners

  3. Be invited to perform/share their piece at an upcoming performance series in the Fall of 2017

  4. Be given open access to attend Master Class writing workshops with visiting teaching artists.

  5. Receive a copy of the finished book.

Artwork and photography is eligible to appear in the published volume and online digital platforms for the project. Additionally, So Say We All’s primary focus is to amplify stories with dignity, integrity, and inclusivity and we partner with media outlets that believe in that mission. Each contributor / story has the possibility of being interviewed/broadcast on radio and podcast through our partnership with KPBS.

Thank you for lending your voices to tell the story of Southeast San Diego.

So Say We All’s LGBTQ+ storytelling project, The Whole Alphabet, is currently accepting submissions internationally on an on-going basis. There is no current theme or publication on the horizon, but selected pieces can appear in our streaming shows and will be considered for future projects; we're finding new opportunities all the time, and want to know you.

Send your stories or poems our way so long as it’s true, and it's you. Whether poems or nonfiction prose, pieces can run up to 2,000 words.

The LGBTQ+ community needs to be in the front row of the culture war, and this is your opportunity to participate. Throw us your story and So Say We All will give you a forum to tell it, in person, on-camera, and / or in print.

All submissions are accepted in confidence. Accepted writers will have the option to publish under a pen name if they choose.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

- So Say We All.

So Say We All