So Say We All’s LGBTQ+ storytelling project, The Whole Alphabet, announces a call for stories for its upcoming published anthology, Shadows and the Light: A Collection of Young and Queer Stories. We’re looking for honest, true stories, poems, and essays from the LGBTQ+ community of any variety that resonates with the theme. 

Shadows and the Light was chosen to cater to narratives that illustrate the opposites that coincide in ways we typically wouldn’t expect. Be it truths and lies; absence and presence; the things that linger, that keep coming back, or that completely disappear; or failure versus success.

We want pieces that you interpret from the theme however you choose. Send your stories or poems our way so long as it’s true, and it's you. Whether poems or nonfiction prose, pieces can run up to 2,000 words.

The LGBTQ+ community needs to be in the front row of the culture war, and this is your opportunity to participate. Throw us your story and So Say We All will give you a forum to tell it, in person and in print.

All submissions are accepted in confidence. Accepted writers will have the option to publish under a pen name if they choose.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

- So Say We All.