Publishing and radio series opportunity for San Diego immigrant / refugee community college students:

So Say We All is partnering with Voice of San Diego (VoSD) and San Diego City College to create a forum with 1st and 2nd generation immigrant and refugee storytellers currently attending or who have recently attended community colleges in the San Diego / Chula Vista region, made possible by funding from the California Arts Council.

SSWA is accepting non-fiction narratives and poetry of 5,000 words or less that touch on the author’s journey from their country of origin to becoming a student in San Diego. These works will be published in a print volume, performed in front of live audiences, and recorded as a radio / podcast series in collaboration with Voice of San Diego.

Accepted writers agree to attend a minimum of two group workshops, one-on-one performance and story coaching sessions, and to deliver rewrites based on feedback they receive. Participants will also be given scholarships to attend a So Say We All master class at no cost.

Participation may earn you course credit. Ask your professors!